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Purtroppo Bellissima

Studying abroad means a lot of really cool things, but unfortunately it also means being homesick. Truly, there are a lot of days where I miss home and my people and my mommy like crazy. What’s most disgusting about it all is there’s no specific way to just “make it all better” so as to better pay attention to what I’m seeing here, now. In that sense, homesickness is a completely frustrating ailment and, generally, it leaves me feeling rather disempowered and a little nuts.

In response to my complaints of a prevailing bout of homesickness and its subsequently resulting feelings of sluggishness and general helplessness (and their subsequent states of alarm and displeasure), K. Hannah Friedman, sage and general muse, says this:

Well. You have two arms and two legs. And there’s a sky.”

So remember that, Brenna, and stop wasting the time you have.

So. Plans for tonight include a long walk across town and back with two amici from scuola, sharing and enjoying a bottle of wine, meeting some Italians, and hopefully something unexpected.

Tomorrow my Italian history class is voyaging to San Gimignano to see some sweet medieval architecture and I plan to (what else but) take a walk and find something wonderful in Florence that I’ve never seen before.

Allora. Vi amo, ragazzi.


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