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Saw The Thermals (Wampire, Guidance Counselor too) last night, am inspired by the Portland indie goodness!

Their new music video is rad, and it’s built up as (perhaps) the last ever film recorded and produced on Kodachrome (cue oohs and ahhs). It’s sure pretty to look at, that much I can say.

View it here.


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Get yer awesome! Step right up!

This is Rad:

So was this:

As is this (premieres April 17!!):

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Vinni Pukh

Nothing beats a silly Soviet animation of proper British literature, especially not when it’s rainy and cold outside.

Via yayeveryday.com

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“Andrew Bird’s one-man orchestra of the imagination”

“Alright. It’s kinda cool, like, songwriters can sorta get away with murder, you don’t really have… you can throw out crazy theories and not have to back it up with data or graphs or research…

“But uh, I think reckless would be my, uh, what the world needs now.”

It sounds more articulate when he says it.

Anyhow, I wanted to share this because I think Andrew Bird’s style is sweet. I like his fanciful instrumentation and lyrics, his unconventional use of the violin, and his enrichment of a single idea through looping. Glad to see that Mr. Bird is getting some TED action.

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And another…

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Newest addition to my “To-see, post-thesis” list

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“Kind of a rehearsal…”

In lieu of offering original content, I give you a sample of my most constant source of musical inspiration. Even if I am four months late to the party, I hope you soak up every second of the deliciousness of these recordings.

I wish I were that bored looking dude up front. But seriously–his disregard astounds me.

“If y’want to have a chat, fuck off outside, alright? … ‘Course, you won’t get back in.”

There’s a good write up of the actual show here. All’s I’m sayin’ is that it’ll be good to be graduated so I have more time to write and think about more things that I love. Also (and most importantly), I’ll feel like this all the time:

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