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“What a Wonderful Feeling, I’m Happy Again”

A rainbow of umbrellas were out in full force during tonight's walk home through the piazza del duomo.

Tonight was doubly blessed. Not only has it started raining here in Italy, finally, but because of the rain I saw a ghost. A ghost.

Okay, fine, maybe he wasn’t really a ghost. Maybe he was actually just a man wearing an over-sized white rain poncho that billowed behind him in the wind while he was riding his bike. However, the poncho was so huge that it covered most of his bike so he just seemed to glide along the streets. In contrast, the hood of the poncho seemed to be rather undersized compared to the rest of the thing, meaning he had a very defined head and therefore more ghost-shaped than he otherwise might have been. Add to the mix the prominent white beard and hooded eyes he had, the glittery night lights bouncing off of the slick, wet streets, and the fact that I didn’t see him coming at first while walking in the centro after dark and you can understand why I thought I’d seen a ghost. It was a close call though. No one will ever really know the truth.

Anyway, this past weekend I went to Umbria with my Italian class and the other beginning Italian class. We visited four different small towns and had a rollicking good time, at least by my account. However, the night is too short to craft a fair rendering of those few days, so I’ll have to owe you one. And, by my record, I believe I owe you stories of San Gimignano, too. San Gimignano isn’t so well explained verbally. Rather, viewing it is a better way of making its acquaintance. If you’re interested you can actually view it, which brings me to my next point: I’ve added another link to my list on this blog — you can now see all of the pictures I’ve taken so far in Italy and around Europe at my Picasa library. Go! Tell me what you think!

Time to go puddlejumping. I’ll be back soon, promise.

Leslie and I, enjoying a good rain while waiting for the bus tonight.

Leslie and I, enjoying a good rain while waiting at the bus stop. Incidentally, we're sideways.


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