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Ne’er-do-wells contribute to society, too.

Yesterday, Leslie and I broke new ground in the world of science. Broke new ground and simultaneously savored gelato and sunshine while sitting and admiring the Duomo. It was all rather professional in its spontaneity and positive results.

The likelihood that any given passing individual (be they tourist or local) will look up and notice two people casually sitting on a curb between two parked vehicles yet only slightly obscured from their line of vision is approximately 7%.

Passersby were observed over a twenty-minute period. Two samples were taken, each consisting of twenty people and spaced apart from one another by a period of five minutes.

Possible reservations for the solidity of our findings may include mental math, lazy outlooks of the conductors, and naturally-induced drowsiness from mid-afternoon sunshine. A second experiment will soon be conducted for the sake of comparison; faithful results are expected. Please watch for further reports.

Leslie and I are currently seeking any willing sponsor for publication of our findings. Leslie and I have taken up residence on the steps of chiesa di Santa Croce, deigned them as headquarters, and may be found there for the forseeable future.


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