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Oh. Oh, well, hello there. Here I am again. This is all rather unexpected, isn’t it? After all, this blog was created as a record of my travels, a place to share some important (or inane) personal thoughts and moments while I was away and living a life in Europe. However, I’m back in Portland again. So what’s going on? Why are you reading this?

The fact of the matter is that I still kind of like this thing. I also like to think that I do cool stuff here at home in America, too, even if it’s not nearly as far away and thus not nearly as romantic. Still, I’d like to make a proposal: I’ll keep posting things here that I find interesting and you keep reading them, perhaps even providing feedback and telling me whether you like them or not. It could be great, great partnership.

As bribery, a way of ensuring that I’ll hold your attention ’til I next have time to write, I’ll tell you that my friend Brian and I got in the kitchen yesterday and made a deliriously good-lucking cake. A boozy cake, to be more precise. I plan to tell you about that experience next time and to pass on our secrets of success. Because, believe me, this was an experience that must be repeated.

Additionally, I’m adding another link to my list that’s over there on the right. This one connects you to my housemate Savannah’s blog. She likes food and other wonderful things, and I like to think that we share tastes and opinions that compliment each other quite nicely. Check her out.

‘Til next time, dears. Baci.



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