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Reflections on the holiday.

One year ago I was alone in Dublin. I’d cracked a harebrained idea to go to Ireland for Christmastime. It was great–I had a beautiful hotel room to myself, I was responsible only for my own happiness, and I went to Christmas Day service at Christ Church Cathedral–mostly to hear the “bells of Dublin,” a nerdy desire which I’d wanted to fulfill since I was a tiny child. You see, my family only listened to The Chieftain’s The Bells of Dublin for the entire month of December for every year that I can remember of my upbringing. So, because of this (and in spite of the loneliness, the mild harassment I encountered at the airport, and the convenience store Christmas dinner), the trip was wonderful. Shoddy footage is included below. You can tell from my quick pace and errant cinematography that I was very ashamed of the fact that I was clearly carrying a digital camera in front of me, which was clearly recording every pace I took, looking like an unabashed tourist on Christmas Day. Shame on me.

Oh well. I’m glad I have it now, though re-watching it is a little painful, every time. I should have just stuck to my guns and embraced my tourist status. Maybe then this youtube clip would be respectable, respectable like the videos your grandparents make when they tour around Europe and come back with epic, epic slideshows to share with you. And if I’d been that confident, maybe I would have been brazen enough to make another clip of the beautiful church choir that sang throughout the service (SIKE). Anyway, I value this little nugget for its humor. There are some photos, too.

Anyway, needless to say this Christmas has been very different. Very homey. Family, old friends, and certainly lots of time spent in the kitchen cooking up a storm with my mama. I’ll post a menu with some nice macro photos later on. In the mean time, I offer you a photo for comparison’s sake.

Who knew reindeer could be so sassy?

Dublin shots:

St. Stephen's green.

Quaint refrigeration--part of Christmas dinner + the view from my room.

Somewhere along the south side of the Liffey.

Draft horses near Grafton Street.

Clearly missing rugby--the pitch at Trinity College.


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Natale per tutto del mundo.

Hi guys.

Happy Christmas! Supposedly the Pacific Northwest has gone to hell in my absence. Snow, you guys? Seriously? How could you let this happen? Why didn’t you ask the clouds to wait?

Anyway, I’m in Dublin right now. It’s been quite fantastic. The airport-to-hotel coach driver kicked everything off nicely by singing along to the Mariah Carey Christmas carols that would issue frequently from the local holiday radio station. Then, when I discovered that I had the sweetest hotel room waiting for me, well. I was fit to be tied, as it were.

I’ve been out to a few pubs, heard a little music, been blown away by the shopping district and Irish families out in full force for last-minute shopping. I met the executive of Burger King’s Irish franchise (“Martin”) and his posse of other kind gentlemen, all out for a drink (“Kent,” “John,” and “Ginny”). I went to church today at Dublin’s Christchurch Cathedral and heard the infamous bells of Dublin peal forth in celebration (terrible video footage soon to be posted). St. Stephen’s Green is absolutely beautiful and the people have been delightful and friendly. I have my small room with a view, a large white bed, and Virginia Woolf. This has been quite a nice Christmas.

Tomorrow I fly to Paris. Hopefully to see Wells and Charlie and Gina, among other outstanding, worldly monuments. It’s going to be fantastic.

T-5 ’til you-know-what. In the mean time, you’re all in my thoughts. Try to convince the snow to stick around a little longer, would you?

Peace and grace be with you. Baci.


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