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“Che cose si trova nelle strade di Firenze?”

The title of this post is a small excerpt from a certain poem that was given to me for my twenty-first birthday, which, incidentally, was this past Friday. The poem is called “Ode to a Sauntering Parenthese of a Woman Who Laughs Like Black Coffee and Talks Like Fingerprints on a Newspaper in the Morning; Who Is Older Today Than She’s Ever Been Before, and, Perhaps, Will Ever Be Again.”

Hannah, thank you again and again and again. This weekend has sealed the deal: I’m quite smittin’ with this place and the lovely friends it holds.

My night was quite a good one: a few of my close friends and I went to the symphony with tickets provided by the school. Lo and behold, they had secured us a box. A box, friends. It was quite the glamorous experience, complete with red velvet and gilted in gold. Sir Neville Marriner was conducting the Orchestra Toscana. We heard Mozart’s “Haffner,” Haydn’s “Il Miracolo,” and five Schubertian Lieder performed by the Orchestra’s guest, Monica Bacelli, arranged by Webern.

The rest of the night was typically debaucherous, as most twenty-first birthdays should be. I had on my dancin’ shoes and everyone from school came out for a good, comfortable night at our Scottish Pub with Dexter, our dear bartender.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Rome. This was my first trip to a large city in Italy; what a rich way to start. I’m not quite sure I’ve ever experienced anything as physically stunning as the moment I stepped into the Vatican. There isn’t a way to convey how physically overwhelming it is, larger than you would ever imagine if I told you in words. I felt my jaw drop as I crossed the threshold and I promptly forgot how to raise it back again.


This post is mostly just to say that life is good, birthdays are quite swell, you all are the sweetest for your words and your kindnesses, and most importantly: that this weekend also marked the first time that I’ve solidly felt as though I will miss Italy when I leave. Perhaps that means I’ve settled in a little. It’s a reassuring feeling. Hopefully that’s a settled spot that doesn’t go away and that I can find it again when I come back.

P.S. One more thing: Aaron and Jared sent me this for my birthday. Please enjoy.


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