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When I grow up…

In my future, when I live alone in some chic apartment and have an absurd salaried job, my living room will feature one accessory:

At that point, my entire wardrobe will be custom tailored and famous artists will descend from their studios when they see me strolling along the sidewalks, and they’ll offer to paint my portrait:

Well, of course I'll wear a top hat every day. Quite.

(Romaine Brookes, Self Portrait–she dated Ida Godebski for several years. Ida was a super hot Russian ballerina and patroness of fine art, as evidenced by her taste in girlfriends and her commission of Ravel’s BolĂ©ro in 1928)

Isn’t playing make-believe fun?


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Brian Vernor & bike beauty

Currently home in Corvallis, visiting moma and seeing her new place. I have great ambitions to get outside and take advantage of my pristine, unbeatable locale and go on a couple of long rides, but so far today I’ve been waylaid by the internet. So, here’s a shoutout to cycling photographer and general rockstar Brian Vernor. His photography is beautiful (Oregon is featured in many of his shots) and I own and cherish one of his films, Pure Sweet Hell (check it out!). I found myself (re)perusing his website after coming across a preview for his newest film release, Where Are You Go. The link on his website takes you to the site for NYC’s Bicycle Film Festival. Last year’s festival featured another of Vernor’s short co-films, Goodbye Tomorrow. This one also features material from his four month voyage across Africa, though it was cut in 10 days and released almost immediately after their arrival in the states, in time for BFF2008. Anyway, check out the preview for Where Are You Go below. It looks amazing.

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