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Saw The Thermals (Wampire, Guidance Counselor too) last night, am inspired by the Portland indie goodness!

Their new music video is rad, and it’s built up as (perhaps) the last ever film recorded and produced on Kodachrome (cue oohs and ahhs). It’s sure pretty to look at, that much I can say.

View it here.


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Thanks to my good buddy Patrick, I’ve finally participated in making music for the first time since finishing at Reed.

So, for your listening pleasure, here’s a cover of Elliott Smith’s “Pretty (Ugly Before),” inspired, mixed, and all-but-entirely performed by Patrick excepting the female vocals, which are mine. Thanks for listening!

© 2011 Patrick Finley

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Get yer awesome! Step right up!

This is Rad:

So was this:

As is this (premieres April 17!!):

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