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“Kind of a rehearsal…”

In lieu of offering original content, I give you a sample of my most constant source of musical inspiration. Even if I am four months late to the party, I hope you soak up every second of the deliciousness of these recordings.

I wish I were that bored looking dude up front. But seriously–his disregard astounds me.

“If y’want to have a chat, fuck off outside, alright? … ‘Course, you won’t get back in.”

There’s a good write up of the actual show here. All’s I’m sayin’ is that it’ll be good to be graduated so I have more time to write and think about more things that I love. Also (and most importantly), I’ll feel like this all the time:


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Not MIA, per se.

I’m still around and doing good things. It’s just that these days my time seems to be split between rugby, rugby related activities, sleep, and Thesis.

So, until I can find a minute to write something that might  be of interest, indulge my narcissism and admire me while I do cool things.


I can fly!

These are from this past weekend when my rugby team (the Reed/LC motley, or, in more elite circles “the Badass Sparkle Princesses”) played Seattle University. Final score was 6-3 to Seattle, but whatever. It was a dirty game and I’m glad we didn’t give them the satisfaction of making a single try.

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