On Chopin.


“[If the Czar of Russia] knew what a dangerous enemy threatened him in Chopin’s works, in the simple tunes of his mazurkas, he would forbid this music. Chopin’s works are cannons buried in flowers.”

“These nocturnes are charming, and they contain the virtues and faults of this young and skillful composer. Why are ideas so fresh, so gracious often fettered, spoiled — we are obliged to say it — by intolerable harshness, and by a sort of affectation to write music almost as one should execute it — (we say almost because entirely is impossible) — to write in this wavering, languid, tentative fashion, this fashion that no arrangement of known note values can express well; Rubato in short, this Rubato the terror of girls, the Bogeyman of fumblers!”



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3 responses to “On Chopin.

  1. csiepser

    Brenna. Your thoughts on music are beautiful. I can be eloquent about food and when speaking about word but not as much when I start to stutter about something like music.
    Also, I secretly have a blog and I linked to you because I miss you and maybe we can be virtual friends now.

  2. blitzkriegbrenna

    Aw, Claire. If only those words were mine. In actuality, they’re from contemporary articles and letters — they’re the words of critics.

  3. claire

    I know that. Geez. It’s an art form to collect beauty like that. (what do you think curators do, just hang out?) Therefore that collection is your eloquent thoughts.

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