On Wonder.

It’s my goal to one day compile a list of the absolutely amazing, world-class concerts I’ve attended this semester. And that will undoubtedly happen very soon considering I’m supposed to be writing summaries and critiques of the operas we’ve seen for the music history quotient of my all-encompassing music class. For now, though, I’d like to mention that I saw Zubin Mehta conduct Brahms’ second piano concerto and third symphony tonight. Zubin Mehta — yes, that Zubin Mehta — the much lauded Zubin Mehta, the guy from India who was supposed to go study medicine, then wound up in Vienna studying conducting with Hans Swarowsky. Zubin Mehta, the baller who leads world famous orchestras and soloists the likes of Yefim Bronfman and doesn’t use a score for any of it. That’s right. Ball.Er. My newest hero.

Tomorrow I will compile that aforementioned list and actually post it here. Then I’ll actually post the itinerary of the 10 days of self-liberation that will occur post-Firenze. It’s all quite exciting, if I do say so myself.

‘Til then, darlings. Baci.


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One response to “On Wonder.

  1. How Stunning! How Stunning!!
    You have done it my dear!
    You have crossed over on your own terms (or semesters!), to become an integrated world traveler; more sophisticated for having done so!
    Bravo, I cannot wait to kiss your cheek!!
    Meanwhile there is Christmas in so many ways, in so many more locations_ to taste & sip, & to gawk as you say, in WONDER!

    Je t’aime!


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