Filling space

In lieu of having any time to write anything real, here’s an Italian tongue twister. I’ll teach you how to say it sometime and write something worthwhile even sooner, hopefully.

Chicchirichì fa il gallo

squittisce lo scoiattolo

la cinciallegra cinguetta

facendo cip, cip, cip

l’asino raglia

il maiale grugnisce.

Tomorrow I go to Venice with the rest of my school. Hopefully I’ll visit my host sister (who studies there) and see Stravinsky’s grave (nerd alert). I’ll tell you about some of the adventures next time, as well as post my itinerary of winter break travel, since that is finally finalized (!!!!). Right now, though, I absolutely HAVE to take a shower. Then I have to run back out into the rain to get some dinner and go watch a magician with my friends. I lead a difficult life.



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